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Welcome to Pokemon Team Rocket Edition!

I was watching Thundaga's guides on YouTube on how to make a Pokemon Game, and I decided that it would be fun to make a game myself! I've seen a million other Pokemon games follow the formula of starting off in Pallet, beating the Gyms, and eventually becoming the Pokemon Champion. Along those games, you always beat up on the evil team of the game. The plan this time was to make a darker game. With a little bit more of an adult focus. A game where you weren't defeating the evil team...but instead what if you were a member of the evil team? This is my first game, and I would love any and all feedback! 

The Kanto Region. A place where many trainers start their Pokemon journey! However, some trainers aren't as lucky as others. Maybe due to a previous criminal record, they couldn't get their official trainer cards. Maybe they just chose to shun normal society, and instead attempt to rule the underground. Whatever their motivations, we all unite under a single man - Giovanni. Leader of Team Rocket. As a grunt of Team Rocket, you'll be assigned all sorts of duties - Kidnapping. Murder. Arson. Extortion. Blackmail. The life of a criminal isn't always easy.

You are something special as far as Team Rocket grunts go though. Giovanni sees more potential in you. Among the grunts there are a few that advance to the role of being a Rocket Admin. Admin's have their own grunts to command, and are given more free reign to do as they please.

That's your dream - Not to become the Pokemon Champion. Not to make friends with Pokemon. You want to be part of the organization that will eventually control the world. One day, you may even find yourself in Giovanni's seat.

Good luck in your mission Rocket.

Lucksack Out!

This game is still "In Development" with regular releases. Please follow us at:

Youtube - Youtube.com/LucksackGames

Discord - https://discord.gg/5kQWRQt

Twitch - Twitch.tv/LucksackG

Twitter - @LucksackG


Pokemon from Generations 1+2
Overworld Encounters
Darkness Evolution - Custom Dark Pokemon!
A new storyline which varies slightly based on decisions
Two strong rivals - Ash Ketchum and Gary Oak.
Custom Abilities on a few select Pokemon
New Music
HM Items
&& More to be added!

Install instructions

A simple installation Exe is included, with the date of the last update to the file! Simply download, Extract the Rar, and then double click the Exe to extract the game files. There should be a Game.Exe - Click it to begin your adventure!


Pokemon Team Rocket Edition 106 MB